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A transparent gas, which is odorless and indistinguishable by color in the main air mass, is called nitrogen. It takes almost three quarters of Earth’s atmosphere. While possessing sufficiently inert properties, it is a versatile product in the sense of chemistry and production.

Nitrogen is widely used in various industrial fields: it is a popular substance for scientific research, as well as a common molecular entity for using it in chemical, food, mining industries and electronics. The designated uses of this colorless gas are as follows:

  • Due to its natural explosive safety, nitrogen is often used as a background while working with other chemical compounds: it provides a significant safety level, ensuring accident prevention throughout the space of its distribution. Nitrogen compounds are also used in mining shafts as a fire precaution.
  • By means of a nitrogen gas exposure and interaction with it, the synthesis of many other substances, such as ammonia, various kinds of dyes, certain nitrogen fertilizers and explosives takes place.
  • This chemical compound is registered as a nutritional supplement in the food industry, being suitable for packing and long-term food storage, as well as pharmaceuticals packing and storage. It perfectly preserves food products during transportation.
  • Nitrogen is actively used in aviation to inflate aircraft tires. In these latter days, such an application actively moves to the automobile business: inflating car tires with this gas is becoming increasingly popular with car enthusiast.
  • In its liquid state, nitrogen is used for a variety of materials freezing and for machine mechanisms and equipment cooling.

Our company sells special high purity gaseous and liquid nitrogen. Gaseous nitrogen is delivered in 40-liter gas cylinders (safety rules 0.00-1.81-18), liquid nitrogen – in Dewar vessels. Call us using the phone numbers listed in “contact us” section. Our friendly staff will be happy to advise you and take your order.


Manufacturer: Poltava Gas Plant, LLC; SE "Messer Ukraine"

Gaseous nitrogen quality matches the requirements of State Standart GOST 9293:2009 (ISO 2435-73), Technical Standards of Ukraine 20.1-35253290-001:2018

Index name Gaseous Nitrogen Liquid Nitrogen
Value Value
1 Volume fraction of nitrogen, %, min 99,999 99,99
2 Oil absent absent
3 Volume fraction of oxygen, %, max 0,0005 0,001
4 Volume fraction of water vapor, %, max 0,0007 0,0015

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