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Hydrogen is a transparent gas, which is odorless and indistinguishable by taste in the main air mass, and it is widely used in the creation of many things usual for us.

This chemical entity is used in quite multiple and diverse fields: chemical, food, aviation, meteorological industries and electricity are among them. The uses of this non-flammable substance are the following:

  • It is used as the carrier gas in the gas chromatography. This application of hydrogen is considered to be fairly safe and effective.
  • It is used for ammonia synthesis, which in fact is a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen. After the synthesis is complete, ammonia is widely used in various fields of the chemical industry being a base for fertilizers, solvents and so on.
  • It is used for the methanol synthesis, which in its turn is included in the alcohol series as a monobasic alcohol. Methanol is produced by combining hydrogen and carbonic oxide in defined and sophisticated conditions.
  • It is used for different types of plastics synthesis. Most of these material types are produced through combining this gas with such substances as nitrogen, carbon and oxygen in varied combinations and proportions.
  • It is used for margarine production in the food industry. As a margarine base, liquid vegetable oils treated in a special way are used. The gas itself is used to make a liquid margarine solidify during one of the stages.
  • A hydrogen compound is used in rocket industry as a fuel, and options for a similar fuel kind for ground vehicles are being considered nowadays.

HALO GAS will deliver technical grade “A” hydrogen in 40-liter gas cylinders (safety rules 0.00-1.81-18). To place an order or to ask for advice, please contact us by phone, listed in “contact us” section or via e-mail.


Manufacturer: Poltava Gas Plant, LLC

Hydrogen quality matches the requirements of GOST 3022-80

Index name Value
1 Volume fraction of hydrogen, %, min 99,99
2 Total volume fraction of oxygen and nitrogen, %, min 0,01
3 Mass fraction of water vapor, g/m3, max 0,2

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