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Compressed air

Compressed air is air stored under pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure. It serves multiple domestic and industrial purposes. For the economy, the utility of compressed air is considered to be just as beneficial as the utility of natural gas, electricity or water.

The main compressed air areas of application are the following:

  • Analytical equipment operation.
  • Energy storage.
  • Various pneumatic devices and instruments functioning.
  • Electronic components cleaning.
  • Railway braking systems operation.

Galo Gas offers compressed air in 40-liter cylinders (safety rules 0.00-1.81-18).


Manufacturer: SE «Ukrmetrteststandard»

Compressed air quality matches the requirements of DSTU (National Standard of Ukraine) 4169:2003

Index name Value
Particle size, µm, max 0,5
The content of foreign impurities, mg/m3, max solid particles 0,001 
liquid water absent 
liquid oil absent 

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