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Argon is a sub-active gas which practically does not chemically react in normal conditions. It is one of the air compounds and is released when the chemical division of the air layer into oxygen and nitrogen takes place. Due to its chemical inertness, the substance is widely used in various manufacturing sectors for additional safety precautions. It can be used in a variety of ways: from fire extinguishing to the surgical procedures.

The gas is also appropriate to use in the following production categories:

  • Argon lasers. Lasers, producing stable continuous gas emissions within the blue and green ranges. They are widely used in surgical procedures, as well as a part of laser printers.
  • Incandescent lamps. Argon gas is used as a lamp bulb filling.
  • Double glass panes. Argon gas fills the double glass pane internal space providing extra insulation. Such windows energy conservation standard is generally doubled in comparison with the market average.
  • Metal and non-metal welding. Laser beam, resistance and arc welding may be performed with extra argon protection. Also, this substance may be used as plasma formation agent for better and faster welding process.
  • Food Industry. The product is widely used in food packing.
  • Fire-fighting gas structures and systems. Fire-fighting systems can contain this gas as an extinguishing substance.
  • In surgical procedures, it is used as incision areas disinfectant.
  • In the process of chemical synthesis, the substance is used to stabilize the atmosphere. The gas does not create compounds at room temperatures, ensuring environment safety measures.

You can purchase the premium argon at Galo Gas. Argon is delivered in 40-liter gas cylinders (safety rules 0.00-1.81-18). You can order argon gas cylinders or consult our friendly staff to know more about the product features by the phone numbers listed in “contact us” section.


Manufacturer: Poltava gas plant, LLC

Argon quality matches the requirements of GOST 10157-79

Index name Value
1 Volume fraction of argon, %, min 99,993
2 Volume fraction of nitrogen, %,  max 0,005
3 Volume fraction of oxygen, %, max 0,0007
4 Volume fraction of water vapor, %, max 0,0009

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