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Liquid helium

Liquid helium is a colorless transparent liquid. Its key physical feature shows one of the lowest freezing temperatures. It is relevantly used mainly in medical industry and scientific research as an effective coolant, helping to maintain ultra-low and low temperatures.

Liquid helium is the most valuable substance for modern medical facilities, in particular for MRI scanners. Since there are multiple areas of application of this component, it is in constantly growing demand, and our company is able to supply it. We offer liquid helium imported from Poland, and helium produced at 150/600 Cryogenic helium station in Kyiv. We use our own transport and Dewar vessels with the nominal capacity of 10, 25, 40, 250 or 500 liters for transportation. The product is delivered to any settlement all over Ukraine. Deliveries to other countries are possible if the customer has its own Dewar vessels. 


Manufacturer: PGNiG S.A. (Poland), HALO GAS (Ukraine).

Index name Value
1 Volume fraction of helium, %, min 99,999
2 Volume fraction of neon, %, max 0,0004
3 Volume fraction of nitrogen, %, max 0,0001
4 Volume fraction of oxygen, %, max 0,0001
5 Volume fraction of CO2+CO, %, max 0,0001
6 Volume fraction of water vapor, %, max 0,0001

Optional services:

  • Our employees’ qualified help during MRI filling procedure;
  • The free rental of transfer line (if available), gaseous helium of 99.995% purity (required for filling), the gas reducer and the supply line.

MRI filling is conducted in compliance with Technical Standarts of Ukraine 52.1-33305671-001-2015.

Terms of liquid helium delivery are as follows: 

  • Written application registration, which should include information on delivery dates, the required product amount, Dewar vessels denominations, the object exact address, as well as customer’s confirmation of the fluid transfer device, gearbox and supply line availability.
  • Date of delivery approval.
  • Agreement conclusion.
  • The product delivery with accompanying documents – a quality certificate, weight ticket, invoices.
  • Customers order payments within the time, specified in the Agreement.

Delivered products quantity proof:

The products are delivered with an accompanying weight ticket, certified by a person in charge with the signature and the company seal. Liquid helium is weighed with “HERCULES”-05HFS scales (CAS Corporation).

Equipment and containers:

Our staff will be happy to take your orders and provide expert advice on the magnetic resonance imaging scanner filling. Please, contact us by phone or e-mail.

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