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Gaseous helium

Helium is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, nontoxic gas, poorly soluble in water. This gas is highly valued because it is used in many life spheres.

This noble gas – helium – has the second lowest density following hydrogen. Being completely inert even at high temperatures, it shows low solubility in molten metals, and has a sufficiently small atomic diameter, allowing the gas to penetrate into the smallest pores. Helium’s boiling point is at -269 ° C, what appears to be the lowest figure among all the substances.

In large quantities, helium is extracted from helium-rich natural gas sources, located only in some places around the world. Its specific properties make the gas an essential component in multiple industries such as a buoyant gas for hot-air balloons and airships, a shielding gas for welding, a tracer gas for leak detection or a carrier gas in gas chromatography. Other uses are as follows:

  • In the process of germanium and silicon crystal growing for transistors.
  • For some metals fabrication, such as titanium and zirconium.
  • In laser and fiber-optic equipment.
  • For deep diving and medical purposes, mixed with oxygen.
  • As an auxiliary gas for filling MRI scanners with liquid helium.

We offer:

  • Helium 5.0 (high purity) – 99.999%;
  • Helium 4.6 (grade “A”) – 99.995%;
  • Helium 4.0 (grade “B”) – 99.99%;
  • Industrial helium – 99.8%.

Gaseous helium is delivered in 40-liter gas cylinders (safety rules 0.00-1.81-18). To place an order or to ask for advice, please, contact us by the phone numbers, listed in “contact us” section or via e-mail.


Manufacturer: PGNiG S.A., HALO GAS

Own production of gaseous helium is carried out in accordance with Technical Standards of Ukraine 19.2-33305671-002:2016

Gaseous helium quality matches the requirements of Technical Standards of Ukraine 19.2-33305671-002:2016

Index name  Value
    Helium 5.0 Helium 4.6 Helium 4.0 Industrial Helium
1 Volume fraction of helium, %, min 99,999 99,995 99,99 99,8
2 Volume fraction of hydrogen, %, max 0,00002 0,001 0,0025 0,06
3 Volume fraction of nitrogen, %, max 0,002 0,0005 0,002 0,12
4 Volume fraction of oxygen, %, max  0,00005 0,0005 0,005
5 Volume fraction of argon, %, max  0,00001 0,0001 0,002
6 Volume fraction of С02 + СО, %, max  0,00001 0,0002 0,001 N/A
7 Volume fraction of hydrocarbons, %, max 0,00001 0,0001 0,0005 N/A
8 Volume fraction of neon, %, max  0,0005 0,0040 0,009 N/A
9 Volume fraction of water vapor, %, max  0,0002 0,005 0,002 0,004

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